• Yamakiikai White and Blue Flower bowl From Japan G1756 - B01462Z5JI

  • Diameter 10.5cm × height 7.5cm

  • ■ Origin: Mino (Japan)

  • ■ Material composition: pottery

  • ■ safety and security: It becomes the lead and cadmium test acceptable product.

  • It is reasonable tea bowl. A wide variety of pottery that is produced in Gifu Prefecture, east Mino "Mino". The Mino, which is supported by a long history and tradition, Production of tableware has accounted for about 60% of the national market share, It is no exaggeration to say that representatives of the pottery of Japan. Casually It is used in daily life, they are melted into one you do not know pottery. It is the "Mino". Mino has a long history, I dates back from before more than 1300 now. Initially earthen vessel of technology was transmitted from the Korean Peninsula. Was subjected to ash glaze called Shiro瓷 when it comes to the Heian period (10th century) Now pottery is burned. This Shiro瓷 is to improve the earthen vessel, it is what you use the glaze. This also increases the number of kilns from the time and became a full-fledged pottery production areas. And early Edo era from Azuchi Momoyama period, along with the epidemic of tea ceremony Pottery that reflects the taste of the tea masters were produced. Showa early even more luxury goods demand, also more and more of mechanization and at the same time technology It was significantly improved. Kiln from Sumigama of heavy oil kiln shuttle gas kiln- At the same time tunnel kiln, and it evolved into a roller hearth kiln, It will lead to homogenization and mass production of the improvement and product yield. Is not suffered Fortunately war, the Mino, which has won out in many of the recession, In overwhelmingly undisputable To become now boasts Japan's production volume. Western instrument about 51% of domestic production, Japanese instrument about 58 percent, tile is about 41%. Majority of tableware to be used in the so-called Japan has been occupied by Mino.

    Yamakiikai White and Blue Flower bowl From Japan G1756 - B01462Z5JI

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    Yamakiikai White and Blue Flower bowl From Japan G1756 - B01462Z5JI

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